Serious bodily injury can occur from ATVs (all-terrain vehicle) accidents, boating accidents, drowning deaths, snowmobile accidents, or even golf cart accidents. It is important to hire an attorney to assess whether there is a case, and what type of insurance coverage is available to cover the loss. Insurance coverage can be especially technical in these cases, but the experienced lawyers in our office are ready to help you in any way they can.  For a free attorney consultation call 607-500-HURT or email

Old or poorly maintained equipment, manufacturing, or design flaws on ATVs, golf carts, boats or other equipment can be the source of a negligence claim.  Improper supervision or untrained/poorly trained staff are among the causes of serious injury or death for customers of ski resorts, amusement parks, golf courses, fitness centers, skating rinks, or swimming pools.  Our office handles all types recreational claims including pool/whirlpool injuries or drownings.

Our office has also handled hunting accidents in the past. If someone is accidentally shot by gun or arrow, serious injury and sometimes death occur. The lawyers at Welch, Donlon & Czarples PLLC are here to help you with these types of accidents as well.

Insurance companies may not want to compensate you for your recreational accident, but our experienced litigators are not afraid to fight for your rights.  We work with experts, if necessary, to build your case and ensure the maximum amount of compensation possible.

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