Fall accidents are also referred to in the insurance industry as “premises liability” cases. In buildings, sidewalks, or parking lots, many hazards emanate from negligent maintenance and can lead to a fall causing severe injury, or sometimes even death.

A property owner or landlord can cause harm to a person by failing to obey safety codes, failing to erect handrails, failure to repair an area of the property, poor lighting, broken stairs, misplaced drain pipes, awnings, or other dangerous conditions.

These cases can also involve falls on ice/water/other slippery substance in a store, movie theater, or other business property. These cases tend to be extremely complicated, and it is important to have a lawyer who will fight for your interests.

It is best to take photos (with a cell phone or camera) of the defect that caused the fall as soon as possible and include a measuring device if possible. Do this even before meeting with our attorneys. This helps the attorneys to properly assess the defect and the chances for recovery, as well as preserving the evidence in case of a lawsuit.

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