Most people have property insurance on their home, business, or farm. Sometimes, property will get damaged and the insurance company doesn’t want to pay. The trial attorneys at Welch, Donlon & Czarples PLLC have handled property claims associated with fire, flood, theft, wind, storm, crop or farm animal loss and chemical/oil spills. Sometimes life insurance companies will refuse to pay a claim due to some unjust technicality and deserve to be sued.

In addition to representing you against your own insurance company, our lawyers can investigate possible lawsuits against third parties that caused the property damage or farm loss.

It is important to note that there are many different time deadlines regarding property loss. Some can pass as quickly as one year from the date of loss. Per the terms of the insurance policy, the insurance company can require you to submit to an “examination under oath” where the insurance company’s lawyer questions you about your loss. It is extremely important to have your own lawyer from the very start and especially during this process to fight for your rights as a policyholder.

You likely paid your premiums for years, and now that you have suffered a loss, it is time for the insurance company to pay you on their end of the bargain. Don’t get taken advantage of by insurance adjusters and their jargon-filled explanations. Hire a lawyer that will fight for your rights. Call for a free consultation, 607-936-8057 or email